Priapus Shot Uses Your Own Blood To Boost Performance

Dr. Carrozzella was trained in the P-shot directly by the inventor, Dr. Charles Runnels. He has done a number of Priapus shot injections since then, and so far the results have been quite pleasing to the people who have gotten them. Most report fewer problems with erectile dysfunction (if that was a problem); more sensation; more endurance; and a generally … Read More

Get Wrinkle-Free in Minutes with Botox

Are you tired of watching the little crow’s feet at the corner of your eyes grow bigger and deeper? Sick of frown lines between your eyebrows not going away when you stop frowning? Maybe it’s time to give Botox® a try. Botox, the No. 1-selling product of its kind in the world, is a prescription medicine that is injected into … Read More

Do Women Really Need Testosterone?

All too often women hear statements like, “My doctor says that I don’t need testosterone.” The reality is that statement could not be further from the truth. For proper women’s health and well-being, testosterone is an essential hormone.  Women with low-T suffer from many of the same symptoms as do men — chief among them, a lower sex drive and … Read More

Sexy Platelets and More

Whoever thought that blood platelets could be sexy? I do, and I’ve known that now for more than  two years. Platelets CAN be downright sexy! Platelets are used in several innovative procedures that can restore that “sexy” look and feel. The Vampire Facelift® is a simple yet very effective nonsurgical way to restore years of youth to almost any face. You can put back … Read More

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Does NOT Cause Cancer

Conventional wisdom and far too many doctors continue to believe that “hormone” therapy is dangerous, at best, and cancer causing, at worst. The reality is that bio-identical hormone therapy administered by a properly trained expert is safe and healthy. Many recent medical journal articles have shown remarkable risk reduction of a host of diseases of aging, such as heart disease, … Read More

Women, Isn’t It About Time for You to Get Your Turn?

The “Big O,” that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Are you tired of your partner having all the fun? Frustrated when he is “done” and you’re still waiting for yours? It’s a tragedy that so many women out there continue to fall short or are disappointed when it comes time for the grand finale. Well, I’ve found a solution that … Read More

Restoring Testosterone Levels Is Beneficial to Men’s Health

The “adverse effects” of testosterone have been hot topics in the press lately. Many of the claims are sensational and frightening, yet the reality is that they are mostly less than truthful. I wanted to briefly take a look at a topic that has enormous health implications for both men and women. We all know that testosterone (T) is a … Read More