Do Women Really Need Testosterone?

All too often women hear statements like, “My doctor says that I don’t need testosterone.” The reality is that statement could not be further from the truth.

For proper women’s health and well-being, testosterone is an essential hormone.  Women with low-T suffer from many of the same symptoms as do men — chief among them, a lower sex drive and reduced sexual satisfaction. Additionally, they frequently complain of fatigue, having a lower self-esteem and feelings of self-worth, a more difficult time losing weight and a lack of positive results in the gym.

Low testosterone in women is associated with increased rates of diabetes, cholesterol problems, osteoporosis and dementia. Worse, women who have low levels of testosterone suffer from a significantly increased risk of developing breast cancer.

For women with these problems, and others, testosterone therapy can be life-altering. Several medical studies have shown that women’s quality of life increases dramatically when they are given testosterone. The risk of developing a number of medical conditions is reduced. And even when it comes to breast cancer, according to Menopause International, testosterone can be breast cancer protective.

So, contrary to conventional wisdom, women should have their hormone levels checked when they “just don’t feel well.” And if they are found to have low testosterone, they should seek treatment from an expert in bio-identical hormone therapy.

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    1. John Carrozzella

      No worries, We would be happy to help. Please call the office (407-507-3837 or email any time and speak with one of the staff who will get you in. Unfortunately, far too often, many every day doctors are not fully educated on hormones and an unsure mind will mostly say no. Bio-identical hormones are safe and effective.
      Dr. C

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