How a Vampire Breastlift Can Make You Look More Vibrant and Confident

Sagging skin in the breast area is a fact of life when muscle elasticity begins to wear. Women in their 40s may start experiencing this, and it can have a huge impact on their self-confidence.  A non-invasive procedure is now available for those that desire to keep breasts firm—the Vampire Breastlift. This procedure can lift your spirits and keep your confidence level high. With no surgery or recovery period to worry about, a vampire breastlift in Orlando is certainly worth looking into.

What is Vampire Breastlift?

The patented Vampire Breastlift procedure was invented by Charles Runels, MD in an effort to improve reconstruction of mastectomy, make breast more symmetrical, correct irregularities, provide a safer option than implants, and to improve sensation to the area. Only members of the Vampire Breastlift Provider Group of plastic surgeons and gynecologists are licensed to perform this procedure to help address safety concerns.

How does Vampire Breastlift work?

Growth factors are isolated from the patient’s blood. This blood contains stem cells that become activated when they come into contact with another part of your body. If you have ever had an accident where tissue and skin were damaged, you know that the body will begin to generate new growth to replace the damaged cells. By inserting new cells into the breast cells, the body is tricked into thinking that there is damage that needs to be repaired. A non-invasive needle draws blood from one part of your body and places this blood in certain areas of your breasts.

Who is a good candidate for the Vampire Breastlift?

Not everyone that grows older experiences the same physical changes. Here are some signs that you may consider in thinking about a Vampire Breastlift at the clinic in Orlando.

  • Graying in the breasts from lack of oxygen
  • Less feeling in the breasts
  • Nipples begin to turn inward
  • Skin around the cleavage takes on the appearance of crepe paper
  • The breasts become droopy

Let your self-confidence soar in Florida by feeling and looking your best. Wear the latest attractive tops and let a new energy enrich your soul. Find a cosmetic surgery provider that is a licensed member of this exclusive provider group that performs procedures. This vampire breastlift clinic in Orlando can also give advice on other areas of the body that could benefit from vampire injections.


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