Vampire Breast Lift Offers a Simple, Nonsurgical Form of Augmentation

If you long for perkier days, perhaps the Vampire Breast Lift® is for you.

The nonsurgical procedure that uses Platelet Rich Plasma from the patient’s own blood is a form of breast augmentation. The Vampire Breast Lift will not dramatically increase the size of breasts, but it will provide more pronounced cleavage and more volume at the top of the breasts. Dr. Carrozzella says it will do far more than what the best bra would do – providing more cleavage, spill and lift – without the bra.

The Vampire Breast Lift procedure was developed by Dr. Charles Runels, an Alabama physician who also invented the Vampire Facelift®.

This is how it works: Blood is drawn from the patient’s arm and spun at high speed in a centrifuge to isolate the Platelet Rich Plasma that contains healing factors known as PDGF. A topical anesthetic is applied to numb the area. Then the PRP and PDGF are activated with a physiologic solution and injected into the breasts with a very small needle. The procedure is virtually painless, it takes only about 30 minutes, leaves no scars and, amazingly, patients can see results by that evening.

Patients who undergo a Vampire Breast Lift can expect shapelier breasts, smoother skin, fewer wrinkles, increased nipple sensation, a younger appearance through increased blood flow and reduced stretch marks. Interestingly, an unusual condition known as “inverted nipple” can be reversed with this procedure.

Dr. Carrozzella says he sometimes uses Juvederm or another filler to get optimal results. The results last for 18-24 months.

“In Hollywood,” he says, “they inject saline before a big event to achieve these results. The plastic surgeons who do this may charge up to $2,000, and the saline augmentation only lasts a couple days!”

Dr. Carrozzella says that the results of the Vampire Breast Lift obviously cannot obtain the same improvement that a surgical augmentation can, yet the result of the procedure, especially when the right bra is worn afterward, can be stunning. Compared to the surgical procedure, the Vampire Breast Lift is much less expensive, does not require the time off work for recovery, and the procedure is so simple and straightforward that you could have the procedure at lunchtime, and still go out to dinner in the evening.

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