What Is A Vampire Face Lift, And What Are Its Benefits?

vampire facelift benefitsThe cosmetic surgery industry is a giant in the medical world, with an estimated $13.3 billion spent on procedures in the U.S. alone in 2015. There are procedures from anything like hair loss treatments to breast lifts and face lifts. And even non-invasive procedures like hormone replacements, though those are not among the most popular.

Some of the more popular ones being vampire breast lifts and vampire face lifts.

But what are vampire face lift benefits? What is the procedure, exactly? Not many are likely familiar with it, as it falls behind the popularity of things like botox, though it is rising.

A vampire face lift is a good way to make yourself look better, with the simple cosmetic surgery removing excess skin from your face to create a younger look. The full procedure, however, can help smooth out or remove any “imperfect” shapes in the face.

But What Is it?

It is a cosmetic procedure that surgically repositions the facial tissues that have loosened over time. It can also use injections of the patient’s own blood through a technology known as Selphyl.

How It Works

Vampire facelifts are in-office only procedures and are available in many centers around the country. It involves extracting blood from the air, then separating the platelets from the blood using a centrifuge. From there the blood cells are re-injected into the skin, and only in the areas that are to be filled out or restored.

Typically these injections are performed in conjunction with fat injections to create a smooth, rounder, and more plump appearance.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is used during the procedure to lift the skin from the bone and give the skin a good shape, with a more youthful look. The HA filler will remove the wrinkles associated with your face.

A vampire breastlift procedure is, but on the breast area of the body.

Vampire Face lift Benefits

There are many benefits to this procedure, such as the fact that the injections cause no bruising as it is a thin and watery fluid. It’s more affordable than other types of facelift surgery, costing less per treatment. And it is relatively painless when compared to other cosmetic surgeries or procedures.

The procedure has been growing in popularity due to the benefits it offers over similar procedures, such as Botox. They both deliver similar results, but vampire facelifts are cheaper and less painful, and so many are making the choice to switch over to what they view is a better option.

If you have any questions concerning vampire face lift benefits or what you can expect from the procedure, please contact us. We’ll be glad to assist you.