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Dr. John Carrozzella started the Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness in 2011 with the goal of helping patients live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives through hormone optimization. He has he devoted his practice to serving the needs of patients with hormonal deficiencies, sexual dysfunction, nutritional imbalances, autoimmune disorders and a variety of cosmetic needs as well.

Your Wellness Matters

Traditional doctors treat symptoms. Wellness doctors treat the body and teach people how to stay healthy. If you are someone who believes that what you eat, how you sleep, the way you move and the choices you make contribute to your overall health and well-being then join us for the Wellness Matters Seminar Series. 

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Our caring, supportive and knowledgeable staff will be with you every step of the journey to a life that excites you and a life you love.

What We Do:

  • Bio-identical Hormone Optimization Therapy
  • Sexual Health Dysfunctions
  • Nonsurgical Health and Wellness Solutions
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Bio-identical Hormone Optimization Therapy

Hormone Optimization

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is the standard technical term that most hormone clinics use, which is about simply replacing what your body is no longer able produce.
Bio-identical hormone optimization therapy (BHOT) is our unique approach that goes MUCH further than standard BHRT.



Don't Wait Any Longer

PulseWave is a revolutionary drug-free, surgery-free, and non-invasive therapy providing a breakthrough solution for men seeking better erections and optimal sexual performance.
If you want to perform your best PulseWave can help!




Viveve™, a women’s sexual health company, has introduced a treatment specifically meant to treat vaginal laxity in women: Viveve™. The Viveve™ method requires no downtime. It does not need incisions or sutures, so there is virtually no chance of complications or side effects following the treatment. Patients can resume normal activities after the session.


Are Hormones Right For Me?

Watch this in-depth recorded webinar to decide for yourself.

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Solutions for Who Want to Live Better

We all say we want to live healthier, longer, more productive lives. What if you could just live, better? We can't aging or all the effects of getting older or having a chronic condition. We can offer solutions that can help make life better.

Feel Happier

Not just happier but more productive too! You want to feel more rested in the morning and have better clarity during the day. Having enough energy to get everything done is important to you.

Come on get happy!

Learn more about the services we offer that can help with mood and emotional health.

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Health Protection

You want maximum protection from age onset diseases and just general overall good health! You might be aging but you aren't slowing down! A renewed vitality is necessary for every aspect of your life!

Health, Come back

Learn more about the services we offer that can help with feeling better and physical health.

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Clear Mind

Clarity! Brain fog is real and you're tired of it. You'd love to have more control and a better outlook on life. Having a positive, focused and interesting life is your main goal and you are ready to achieve it!

Start Thinking Clearly

Learn more about the services we offer that help you think clearly and have an active, productive life.

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Sex and Intimacy

A decreased sex drive and lack of intimacy isn't a "normal" part of aging. We know this might be a tough one to talk to your doctor about, but not here. We think everyone deserves a fulfilling life in every single way possible.

Let's Talk About...

Learn more about the services we offer that can help with a renewed sex drive and more pleasurable experience.

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You've always been fit and active. Maybe you feel more tired, maybe working out hurts more? Whatever the reason for a decrease in activity we can help. There's no reason to avoid your favorite activities anymore.

Let's Play a Full 18

Learn more about the services we offer that can help with your energy levels and maintaining a fit lifestyle.

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Food and Diet

Are you not losing weight like you once did? Are there certain foods you can't eat anymore? Just like all the other parts of our body our dietary needs and restrictions can change. Is it time for a new way of eating?

Delicious and Nutritious

Learn more about the services we offer that can help with weight loss and food sensitivity.

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Are you ready to Be HOT?

With Bio-identical Hormone Optimization Therapy (BHOT) you can start to turn back the clock and look hot at any age.

What is BHOT?
sexy couple in their forties

We Help People Find Their Happy

I had a hysterectomy as a preventative measure and Dr John is great at balancing my hormones as well as including nutrition and supplements into my life to help me live healthier. One of the best things I am doing for myself.


I love Dr. Carrozella, he is passionate about helping people to experience a good healthy life. I am beginning my third year of BHRT and love my life. I love the staff at the center as well. Very well organized and professional. Thanks for doing what you do so well.


Changed my life almost immediately! I was miserable when I went in for my consultation. Now I am feeling great! He totally understands what I am going through and genuinely wants to help me. Love him!!