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No one's excited to see their doctor, right? Wrong! One of the biggest reasons our patients love our office so much is the amazing staff.  Aside from a private, one-on-one conversation with Dr. Carrozzella, you will be treated with respect, courtesy and love by our dedicated staff.

Why do they care so much about our patients?  A few of them are patients themselves with their own amazing success stories, but all of them simply love helping people feel better.  Each member of our staff goes above and beyond to make sure you have the best experience possible.  They are driven by our core values and it shows!

Your Health Advocates



Jody comes to Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness following a twenty-five-year career as a professional marketer and entrepreneur. She is also a hormone patient. Although Jody is in her 40’s and is pre-menopausal, she suffered from fatigue, foggy head syndrome, and a low sex drive. After a few months on pellet therapy, she is started to see remarkable changes in her energy levels, improved clarity, and more desire for intimacy.





Amanda has worked with Dr. Carrozzella since the beginning. As Director of Patient Services, Amanda works with all our new patients to ensure they get the care they need. A year or two after she started with Dr. C, she and her husband tried to get pregnant – a three-year effort during which Amanda suffered two miscarriages. When she went to Dr. C for help, he diagnosed her with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and began treating her with bio-identical hormones. Within one month she happily became pregnant and in March of 2018, Amanda and her husband Tyshon welcomed a happy, healthy baby girl named Neaveh in to the world.



Patrick joined the team as a seasoned Medical Assistant and expert in men’s health. In addition to his EMT experience prior to coming to Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness, Patrick worked in several clinics that support men in a variety of health concerns including erectile dysfunction, sexual performance, and intimate wellness. As the Director of Medical Services, Patrick runs the clinic with compassion and integrity and the patients just love him.



After three-and-a-half years working with a local podiatrist, Kierstin joined the FCHW family. She brings with her amazing organization skills, caring bedside manner, and fun personality – which is as fierce as her bright red hair. When Kierstin is not taking care of patients, she is feeding them. When not in the office you can find her doing what she loves: serving yummy food at BJ's Resturant in Kissimmee.



Ashley hails to us from Brooklyn, NY. She is a student studying at Valencia College, pursuing her degree in Human Resources Management.  Before coming to us she worked in retail for many years on the visual team. In her free time she likes to spend time with her dog and visit her family in South Florida.



Celine first started working at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester MN as a Certified Patient Care Assistant on Organ transplant Unit for a year. Then her family moved to Florida. She decided to get her license as a Nursing Assistant. Being a CNA, she worked at variety of Assisting Living centers around Orlando. She loves working with the elderly population. She is also a student at University of Central Florida getting her degree in Social work.



Ashanta is from Fort Lauderdale. She is a recent graduate of the University of Florida. She majored in Biology and minored in Health Sciences. In her free time she loves to spend time with her family.


Florida Center for Hormones & Wellness core values.

Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness provides evidence based, life enhancing age management to people who deal with hormone, metabolic and sexual problems so that they may enjoy a longer, healthier life filled with vitality.

We Foster Education

Every staff member is encouraged to seek and attend courses, seminars and online training that would benefit us in our current role. We also actively learn "on the job" everyday from both each other and educators that visit our office to provide training. Learning new skills and growing your current skill set is important for personal development and a healthy mind.

We Pursue Excellence

We think pursuing excellence means always doing your best and know it's important to pursue excellence, not perfection. This mans we pay attention to details, we take the time needed to get things right and we embrace the idea of continuous improvement. Mediocrity ignites apathy and we all feel the job we are doing is far too important to give anything less than 100%.

We have integrity

Integrity to us means being honest and having a defined set of ethical principles we follow in the office. We need your trust to be able to provide the highest level of care and address some of the most sensitive issues people deal with personally. Integrity means you won't have to question if we are doing everything we can for you, it means we strive everyday to be role models for each other and conduct ourselves in a manner that would make us and our community proud.

We Create Fun

We know that holding ourselves to a high standard can be difficult, even stressful at times.  To lessen these effects we embrace the idea of fun and play being an everyday necessity.  Having fun increases communication, productivity and collaboration within our team.  It also makes us more creative, something we value in all employees.  We spend no less than 40 hours a week with each other, often more, having fun makes those hours more joyful and positively affects the environment of our office.

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