3 Ways to Get Started

You’re experiencing symptoms of hormone deficiency or imbalance... loss of interest in life, short-term memory lapse, brain fog, little or no sex drive, low energy, irritability, trouble keeping weight off, trouble putting muscle on, sexual disfunction, trouble sleeping, etc... All of these are normal and natural, but not necessary to experience!

Now you’re ready to take back YOUR life and start LIVING again!
We’re here to help you!

Let’s begin this to wellness journey together. Here are three ways to get started!


1. Attend a New Patient Orientation

Attend one of two New Patient Orientation events we host every month! You'll learn the essentials and be able to speak with Dr. Carrozzella about how Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization Therapy can change your life! 

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2. Schedule a 15 Minute Free Consultation

Call and speak with a patient liaison to discuss treatment options and schedule your free consultation with Dr. Carrozzella to discuss your specific needs and learn how Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy can revitalize your life!

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3. Schedule a 60 Minute Appointment

Schedule an intial 60 minute appointment. Get started the same day after completeing your patient paperwork and bloodwork. You'll meet with a doctor and discuss specific needs, treatments and other solutions. Most treatments begin that day!

We Help People Find Their Happy


I had a hysterectomy as a preventative measure and Dr John is great at balancing my hormones as well as including nutrition and supplements into my life to help me live healthier. One of the best things I am doing for myself. 

Amy Cervantes

I love Dr. Carrozella, he is passionate about helping people to experience a good healthy life. I am beginning my third year of BHRT and love my life. I love the staff at the center as well. Very well organized and professional. Thanks for doing what you do so well.

deborah belbey

Changed my life almost immediately! I was miserable when I went in for my consultation. Now I am feeling great! He totally understands what I am going through and genuinely wants to help me. Love him!!

stacie anderson