Insulin Resistance

Join Dr. Toni Muzzonigro, DO to discuss Insulin Resistance. Did you ever wonder what causes strong cravings? Are you someone who has had difficulty losing weight? Are you someone who has gained weight slowly, but steadily over time, despite “watching what you eat”? What is one of the main physiological processes working “behind the scenes” to cause these things? Insulin resistance!

Join us for this seminar to learn:

  1. Insulin is the “Fat Storage Hormone”
  2. Understand foods that raise insulin levels most avidly, and foods that won’t
  3. Understand ways to minimize and REVERSE insulin resistance
  4. Understand the micronutrients necessary to optimize insulin sensitivity



Jul 16 2020


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm




Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness
7513 West Sand Lake Rd Orlando, Florida 32819
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