IV Lounge Presents: IV Therapy – The Hottest New Trend in Wellness & Beauty

Join The IV Lounge Dr. Olga Ivanov  on Tuesday, June 11th from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm for a transformative lecture on how to fuel your body for optimal performance.  Our body takes a beating every day.  We likely don’t eat food with the proper nutrients in them, don’t get enough sleep, drink enough water and take enough vitamins to supplement our deficiencies.  As a result, we see poor performance and all too often chronic fatigue.

Dr.  Olga Ivanov, one of Orlando’s leading breast cancer surgeons and expects on supplementation will be sharing about a new kind of therapy that will take you from good to great in 30 minutes flat!  It’s IV Treatment and it’s the hottest new trend in wellness and beauty.  With proper supplementation, the folks at IV Lounge can enable the brain to perform at its best by fueling each neuron with vitamins and antioxidants while training it to rewire neuronal pathways through practice of guided meditation. This results in increased focus, stress recovery and overall enhanced sense of well-being.  Join us on June 11th and find out how!

Join us for this seminar to learn:

  1. How IV Therapy will provide 100% absorption of vitamins and minerals on a cellular level
    2. The benefits of individual therapies and why we need them; Vitamins B, C and Glutathione
    3. What are the contraindications to IV Therapy


Jun 11 2019


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness
7513 West Sand Lake Rd Orlando, Florida 32819
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