Is Hormone Therapy Safe?

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I hear this question all the time, “Should I be worried about hormone replacement therapy?” The answer is a resounding NO, as long as we are talking about Bio-identical hormones. In actuality, the opposite is true. The real question is what are my risks if I DON’T take Bio-identical hormones?
In the past, many traditional doctors have prescribed synthetic hormones for the relief of menopausal symptoms in women. In reality, those synthetics are not really hormones, they are chemicals that were created in labs owned by pharmaceutical companies. While they may be similar to the ones your body produces, the molecules are actually not identical. The body does not process these “hormones” the same way our bodies processes naturally occurring hormones. While these synthetic hormones can seemingly be working, danger lurks. Since the molecules in these formulations are not exact, the body almost always treats them as foreign.

Bio-Identical Hormones, on the other hand, are manufactured to be exact replicas of the hormones that exist naturally in the body. And while they may be compounded in a lab, these substances are actually biologically and physiologically identical to the natural hormones found in our body. This means that they are readily accepted by the body, just as natural hormones would be, with no adverse long term effects.

The problem with synthetic hormones is that in many well done medical studies, they have been found to cause cancers and other undesirable medical problems. They do not participate properly in the metabolic system that allows the proper balance of hormones. For example, natural Progesterone has a stabilizing effect on breast tissue. On the other hand, synthetic progesterone, has been clearly shown to accelerate breast tissue growth which promotes cancer. As for estrogen, the other primary female hormone, unnatural estrogens can cause blood clots and strokes as well as an imbalance in breast tissue, properly utilized Bio-identical estrogens do not. You may have noticed the synthetic estrogen warning if you ever took birth control pills.

Bio-Identical hormones are readily accepted by the body and when administered by a properly trained expert and in appropriate doses, they have been shown in medical study after medical study to reduce the risks of many diseases of aging and to promote a heathier and more robust life. Bio-identical hormones are metabolized by the body just as it would handle natural hormones. Another huge advantage of bio-identical hormones is that the dosing can be individualized to a person’s needs as opposed to synthetic hormone which only come in dosages dictated by the pharmaceutical company.

Unfortunately for the average person (and for too many traditional doctors as well!), the information about hormones has become confused. People are hearing and reading about the hazards of synthetic hormones and then applying it incorrectly to bio-identical hormones. This is a tragic error. Synthetics and bio-identical perform and have outcomes that are entirely different. The bottom line take away is this: you can be sure that the use of natural, plant based hormones is safe and very effective and has not been shown to be medically harmful. Sadly, too many traditional doctors rely on literature provided by pharmaceutical companies to develop a working knowledge of the drugs they prescribe. Far too often, they prescribe these medications to their patients without knowing the long-lasting impact. You want a doctor who has been medically trained specifically for hormone therapy who understands the need for balancing the right formula for you. Dr. Carrozzella has invested tremendous amount of his time and effort in extensive and detailed Hormone Replacement Therapy study and his knowledge and practical application will get you back in balance with this safe method.

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