Low T: 4 Warning Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

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low t causesIn men, testosterone is an essential hormone that affects both appearance and sexual development. It helps to build muscle and bone mass and also helps to stimulate sperm production. In short, testosterone is a big part of what makes men men.

As such, healthy levels of testosterone are very important for men’s bodies, but what happens if they have a low amount of the hormone pumping through their veins? And how can you tell if a man is suffering from low testosterone, or low T? Let’s take a look at some common warning signs.

Hair Loss
By the time men turn 35-years-old, 40% of them will experience some form of hair loss. While balding and some hair loss is part of getting older for men, the loss of body and facial hair may also signify low T levels in a man. The hair loss men experience can often be treated or somewhat fixed with hair loss treatment and hair loss products. In addition, testosterone replacement therapy may be a viable solution as well.

Bone Mass
The thinning of bone mass, also known as osteoporosis, is extremely common in women. However, men can also experience the decrease of bone mass as they age. Low T causes lower bone volume and can put men at risk for bone breaks and fractures. Testosterone helps to strengthen bones, so the lack of it isn’t good, especially as men get older.

Low T also can cause changes in a man’s mood. While low T causes mood changes, it can also directly affect one’s mental capacity. Studies show that men who experience low T are often unable to focus, experience depression, and find themselves to be irritable.

One final sign of low T is fatigue. Even if a man gets plenty of sleep, he may find himself feeling exhausted. He may also find that it’s harder to find the motivation to exercise and go about his daily activities.

Low T causes many different changes in a man’s body. While the signs of lower testosterone may be similar to other side effects of aging, it’s important to note that they may ultimately be a cause of low T as well. Consult a doctor or hormone replacement therapy center if you have any concerns.

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