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Almost every day there is more science and medical literature touting the positive effect of hormone therapy. It is becoming quite clear, that in order to maintain health, wellness, vitality and sexual health, hormones must be a part of any well though out health maintenance plan as we age. However, even when we understand the importance of hormonal health, sometimes many people still have difficulty initiating a hormone treatment program. This may be because they are fearful of the process. It is well know that when people are unclear or afraid, they are more reluctant to act, even when acting means that something good will happen.

Recently, one of my patients, John Luna ( decided to document his journey through a hormone and sexual wellness treatment program. He is getting fantastic results and he is preparing a wonderful “day in the life” series that he will publish when he completes the program sometime in 2020. I am excited to see this when he is done. In the mean time, his is pushing out short updates like this one: that show his progress.

I am hoping that as people see how easy it is to go through the program and how wonderful the results they will overcome their hesitancy to act and take action to get healthy, stay vital and reduce the risks of so many diseases of aging.

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