Women, Isn’t It About Time for You to Get Your Turn?

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The “Big O,” that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Are you tired of your partner having all the fun? Frustrated when he is “done” and you’re still waiting for yours? It’s a tragedy that so many women out there continue to fall short or are disappointed when it comes time for the grand finale.

Well, I’ve found a solution that will bring a very big smile to your face and a very “Big O” to your bedroom. I was fortunate to train recently with the inventor of the O-Shot® Procedure, Dr. Charles Runels. I spent two fascinating days in beautiful Fairhope, Alabama, where I learned how to take very specialized healing cells from your own blood and activate them so that they can activate you! With a very simple, pain-free office procedure, you can have world-class orgasms with the intensity and duration that you never thought possible.

Just yesterday in my office, I saw a 51-year-young-again lady who had her O-Shot® just four weeks ago. She was actually in tears over the result that she got. She told me, “Dr. C, I was depressed, down and out. Within two weeks after the O-Shot®, I knew that things were better. I’ve had better orgasms than I have ever had in my life! Oh my gosh! I have a spark in me that I thought I had lost.” I can tell you that the radiant smile on her face told me she was not kidding.

I know you’re thinking that this is just too good to be true, well not according to a recent article in the Journal of Women’s Health Care. The author stated, “The preliminary results of this … study suggests that [the O-Shot®] could be an effective method to treat certain types of female sexual dysfunction, especially in the areas of desire, arousal, lubrication and orgasm.” Also, “improvement in satisfaction and pain were noted.” Wow! Medical proof to boot!

So, if you’re tired of finishing second, or not finishing at all, it’s time to call to schedule your O-Shot®. Pick up the phone and call or send me an email today. As my patient said yesterday, “The O-Shot® will change your life”… and your partner’s!

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  1. Interested in the O shot as well as the pellet?
    I live in Minneapolis and just had my bioidenticals done, however a friend of mine is a patient of yours and she said she didn’t have the same tests and the issues I’m having don’t seem to show in my test results.
    I would love to speak with someone about my issues and discuss if a trip down to Florida would be beneficial or not.

    1. Post

      My Patient Liaison will work with you to set up a 15 minute consultation to review your situation and to see if there is something that I might have to offer you. I hope that this will be helpful for you. I would like any lab work that you have and what the exact treatment protocol that you are doing now (including dosages of any medication and supplements).

      Take care!

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