Post Menopause Treatment in Orlando

Identifying Different Options for Post Menopause Treatment in Orlando

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With Florida being a hotspot for retirees, it is no wonder that there may be a high percentage of women who experience symptoms of menopause in Orlando and the neighboring areas. Women who have gone through menopause no longer have to suffer in silence.

There are many different types of treatment available that can help alleviate troublesome symptoms associated with the loss of key hormones that occurs as a natural part of the aging process. Choices typically involve treating individual symptoms associated with menopause or treating the loss of hormones through some type of replacement therapy.

Treating Individual Symptoms of Menopause

One of the most common complaints associated with menopause is hot flashes. Try to avoid triggers, such as wearing tight clothing, consuming alcohol or caffeine, and being stressed, to reduce your chances of experiencing a hot flash.

Mood swings are also very common during menopause. Do your best to eat healthy. Exercise can be a great way to improve your mood. Find ways to keep stress at bay, and do not take on more than you can handle. Many women find it helpful to get a massage or to try deep-breathing techniques. You may want to consider finding a support group that deals with issues of menopause in Orlando to find ways to deal with your changing emotions.

Insomnia is a common complaint during and after menopause. Eating a balanced diet and getting enough exercise can really help. Many women find that sticking with a routine can help. Try to go to bed and wake at the same time. Engage in relaxing activities about an hour before bed. Keep your room cool and comfortable to promote a more restful sleep.

Treating Hormone Loss to Address Menopause

When looking for post menopause treatment in the Orlando area, menopausal hormone therapy has been shown to be very effective. Formerly known as hormone replacement therapy, menopausal hormone therapy can reduce symptoms of menopause, such as mood swings, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and insomnia. Make sure that you find a provider with experience in menopausal hormone therapy, such as Florida Center for Hormones & Wellness so that you can discuss the potential risks versus the benefits of this treatment.


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