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Menopause And Moods: What To Expect

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Menopause can be a roller coaster of a ride, both emotionally and physically. Although technically only occurring in the first 12 months you don’t have a period, the entire process (peri and post) of menopause can take between two and 10 years. During this time, you may experience hot flashes, changes in appearance and sex drive, and dramatic mood swings. That last one can be one of the more difficult aspects to manage, as you may feel completely out of control emotionally. The best way to prepare is to educate yourself; here are a few moods you may have to deal with when you go through menopause.

  • Irritability: Around 70% of women notice increased irritability during the early stages of their menopause transition. Things that didn’t use to bother you may suddenly drive you up the wall, causing you to snap and lash out and those around you. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help balance out your internal systems to help you through these stages.


  • Depression: The menopause transition can be thoroughly exhausting, and depression is prevalent in around one out of every five women experiencing it. Don’t wait to seek help if you feel your moods drastically declining as each day passes.


  • Insomnia: If you’re not sleeping well, you’re going to struggle to maintain an emotional balance. If you’re not sleeping at all, your mood swings are at risk of becoming genuinely detrimental to your life and the loved ones in it. If insomnia is plaguing you during menopause, seek professional help.

The most important thing to remember is that you don’t need to live with these symptoms, especially if they’re making life unbearable. There are scientifically tested and approved menopause hormones that can undo that hormone imbalance in your body and get you feeling like your old self again.

Additionally, there are cosmetic procedures that may provide boosts to your self-confidence in this rocky time. Botox treatments are increasingly common, and last for around four months — they’re a perfect choice if you just want a quick and simple fix that won’t necessarily be forever. Don’t let menopause control you or your life; find a doctor and discover menopause hormones (such as hormone replacement therapy) today.

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