Millennials, Males, and… Botox? How the Cosmetic Industry is Shifting

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botox cosmeticThe Botox cosmetic industry has grown significantly over the years, bringing in an annual revenue of over $2.4 billion. Although many groups of people enjoy receiving Botox treatment for various reasons, an unlikely demographic is contributing to the ever-growing Botox cosmetic industry.

According to the Washingtonian, millennials are rushing to get Botox to improve not only the look of their skin, but their self-confidence as well.

When it comes to non-surgical treatments, Botox is currently the number one requested procedure. Over the last five years, the Botox cosmetic treatment among millennials increase nearly 90%, as this younger generation now accounts for about 18% of all Botox treatments performed.

Although the younger “selfie generation” is more open to cosmetic treatments, males, of all different ages, are asking for these treatment more than ever before as well.

As reported by Express, men are hoping to get ahead in life both professionally and personally thanks to the self-confidence benefits as a result of Botox and other cosmetic procedures.

“In the pressure cooker of city life, a change is happening amongst men,” said Dr. Shah of London. “Whereas before, men would embrace their aging looks, more are now turning to the ‘needle’ for a sprinkle of youth.”

Men who are working in high-pressure jobs in metropolitan areas are a little more aware of their aging looks now and are hoping for some cosmetic help to prevent some of these skin issues.

“Due to the more pronounced aging signs in the male skin, which is a consequence of having tough skin,” Dr. Shah added, more men are turning to cosmetic methods “such as dermal fillers, wrinkle relaxing injections, and even non-surgical nose jobs.”

It’s time to end the negative stigma associated with cosmetic procedures across the globe. Whether you’re an elderly woman or a young man — if you want to give yourself an appearance and self-confidence boost, you should do so! If you are searching for cosmetic Botox in Orlando or just want to learn more about these procedures, contact the Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness today.

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