Priapus Shot Uses Your Own Blood To Boost Performance

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Dr. Carrozzella was trained in the P-shot directly by the inventor, Dr. Charles Runnels. He has done a number of Priapus shot injections since then, and so far the results have been quite pleasing to the people who have gotten them. Most report fewer problems with erectile dysfunction (if that was a problem); more sensation; more endurance; and a generally more pleasurable sexual experience.  For some who go through the entire protocol, there have been reports of an increase of up to 1 inch in length and 1 inch in girth.

The Priapus shot uses highly concentrated “healing” factors normally found in your own blood. Some blood is drawn from you, the “healing” factors are concentrated and then put back into a place where we want the effect. The “healing” factors then go to work and create the desired results. While it is impossible to guarantee a risk-free result in any medical procedure, the Priapus Shot is very safe with no major complications of any sort reported to date.  The worst that Dr. Carrozzella has seen is a bit of swelling, bruising or soreness that lasts no more than a few days.

Most of the time, the procedure is essentially painless, with most men able to resume normal activity immediately, including having sex on the same day.

For most men, the Priapus shot should be effective and provide a good result. It is critical, however, to make sure your testosterone levels are optimal, as that is when the Priapus® Shot works the best.

Dr. Carrozzella promises to do all that is necessary to give you the best chance for the best result possible. However, it is impossible to say what any particular person’s result might be based upon a phone call or an online questionnaire, so to help you decide, Dr. Carrozzella will be happy to give you a no-cost consultation, either on the phone or in person.

The cost for the procedure is $2,520.  We do carry our own financing, so you will be approved if you need to go this way.  In the case of financing, we require 35 percent down and the remainder in 11 equal payments.

To learn more, or to schedule a consultation or an appointment for the procedure, please call 407.505.6456.

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  1. I have been very depressed of my erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. There is a Dr in Midland Tx who offers PRP but I’m skeptical. My marriage is in danger and my self esteem has gone down the drain. Also I see it’s also offered for hair loss.

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      Moises, I am so sorry to hear of you troubles. Yes, you could very well be a good candidate for the Priapus shot. In addition, I would thing that your testosterone status should be carefully evaluated and optimized. PRP is a safe and effective treatment. It has been used in the cosmetic, sports healing and rehabilitation world for years and there are thousands of articles in the literature supporting its use. It is becoming increasingly useful for hair growth as well. I have take your phone number out of the post to protect your privacy and I will have one of my office staff to call you to discuss your questions and concerns. Thank you for your interest in the Priapus Shot

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