Shhhhh!!!! (there is help for ED!)

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The plain and simple fact is that you are not alone. A number of medical studies reveal that Erectile Dysfunction (ED) may occur in up to 80% of men at some point in their life. The real truth is that it is almost certain that virtually every man will experience at least one event of erectile problems at some point or another (come on admit it guys!!) The “real men” understand that this frustrating occurrence is just a part of life and they do their best to do live their lives in a clean and healthy manner and do some of the basic nutritional support recommendations to maintain healthy sexual function.

Erectile function is an extremely complex process. Normal erectile function is dependent on a healthy brain, normal spinal connections, intact nerves, healthy erectile tissue, adequate levels of nitric oxide, low levels of systemic inflammation, healthy blood sugar management and a host of other anatomic and physiologic considerations. The more of these things that are off, the more likely there is going to be, how should I say… trouble “getting things off the ground.” The more my practice grows, the more I see men with ED issues, the more I can absolutely state that the statistics I quoted above are accurate.
Unfortunately, way too many doctors think that the only solution to the problem is “the little blue pill”. While Viagra®, Cialis®, Levitra® and Stendra® are wonderful medications, they only “attack” one component in the erectile cascade (they are called Phosphodiesterase-5 or PDE-5 Inhibitors) they have a significant rate of failure (some studies quote 50% or more of men) or less than satisfactory results. After all, if the race horse is “really sick,” kicking him is not going to make him run any faster.

I recently created a short video that discusses a variety of approaches to deal with ED (21 Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction that Actually Work). Using a systematic and physiologic approach, it is remarkable how well many men can recover a great deal of their lost sexual function with lifestyle changes, the proper supplements, nitric oxide enhancement, proper testosterone replacement and several other treatments. However, one of the most exciting treatments for ED is the Priapus Shot.

Priapus is an ancient god of fertility, protector of horticulture (cultivation and management) and viticulture (cultivation of grape vines). His symbol portrays a visual image of erectile prowess and has come to be associated with this remarkable treatment. The Priapus Shot treatment uses a person’s own blood to stimulate healing and rejuvenation of the erectile tissue in the penis. It is a simple 5 minute virtually painless office procedure in which a small amount of the person’s blood is taken and processed so as to yield several ounces of highly concentrated healing and growth factors. Those healing and growth factors are then introduced into the erectile tissue. The concentrated growth factors then stimulate the endothelium lining of the blood vessel to heal and regenerate so that it can more normally perform the physiologic steps necessary to induce a solid, strong durable erection. Once healthy, the endothelium produces more nitric oxide and the nitric oxide creates the physiologic environment for better erectile function.

Hocus Pocus you say?? I don’t think so. First of all, my own experience in my office has seen dozens of men get significant restoration of erectile function. And independently, there are a number of great reviews of the procedure that can be seen at .

Men, you do not have to settle for declining sexual function. With cutting edge technology, doctors (such as myself) can do amazing things to improve life and sexual function. The Priapus Shot is one of those technological advances in medicine that can be absolutely life changing.

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