Hormones & Stamina

Cyndy Phillips Testosterone

For many men, their mid twenties is when they experience peak hormone levels, which results in their greatest muscle mass potential, highest energy levels, and strongest sex drive. 

Something younger men may take for granted that older gentlemen might be missing is their stamina. We’re not just talking about sexual stamina here, this is the general ability to keep up, stay active, and be productive and alert throughout the day.

There have been plenty of studies showing a direct correlation between testosterone levels and energy levels, ultimately this also means stamina. 

When testosterone levels decline as we age, our stamina naturally decreases as well, leaving us less equipped to keep up and engage during what, for some, are probably some of the most important moments of our lives: children growing up, graduation ceremonies, weddings, grandchildren being born, etc.

If you do some digging, you may also come across studies regarding another substance created by the human body which has been shown to potentially improve stamina and muscle retention.

“The findings establish that the peptide, called musclin, is an “exercise factor,” a hormone-like substance made by skeletal muscle in response to exercise and released into the bloodstream.” – Financial Express 

However, increased levels of musclin have unfortunately been shown in further studies to be linked to increased insulin resistance (if you know our clinic, you know we’re all about restoring and maintaining insulin sensitivity in our patients).

Additionally, according to one study by BioMed Central, “… musclin has a strong relationship with obesity-associated IR by impairing the glucose metabolism and, at least in part, through causing endoplasmic reticulum stress.”

All this to say that it’s important to find a trusted, well versed provider when searching for stamina solutions, especially if you’re considering treatment such as TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), which we offer in the form of BHOT (Bio-identical Hormone Optimization Therapy).