Sexy Platelets and More

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Whoever thought that blood platelets could be sexy?

I do, and I’ve known that now for more than  two years. Platelets CAN be downright sexy!

Platelets are used in several innovative procedures that can restore that “sexy” look and feel. The Vampire Facelift® is a simple yet very effective nonsurgical way to restore years of youth to almost any face. You can put back some “perk” in places other than the coffeepot with the Vampire Breast Lift®. The O-shot® is an ingenious, simple five-minute procedure that can reinvigorate a woman’s sexuality and reverse years of sensual and intimacy decline. And men can reinvigorate their sexual organ with the Primps® shot.

Since mid-2014, I’ve done a lot of these procedures and I have seen some pretty remarkable results. These procedures use healing factors from one’s own blood (Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP) to restore blood vessels, nerve endings, collagen and fat in the face and other parts that can bring back a youthful look and performance that many people thought was long gone. The use of PRP has been around a long time and it has been shown in many articles in the medical literature to be exceptionally safe and effective at causing regenerative change. (Check out an article about PRP and face wrinkle improvement here.)

I just spent a weekend in beautiful Fairhope, Alabama (yes, it is a very beautiful town) for a refresher visit with the procedures’ inventor, Dr. Charles Runels. At that two-day educational event, I learned more ways to make these procedures work better and obtain even more dramatic results. Did you know that we can now incorporate stem cells into these procedure to make them even better?

So, you no longer need to settle for tired, saggy and worn out. A PRP procedure might just be the way to get back to feeling young, vigorous and beautiful again.

And when you feel beautiful, you look beautiful!

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