Trimix - Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Trimix is for any man who is looking for a boost in their performance.  Trimix is often only used after Viagra or similar oral medications stop working but many men can use both but for different occasions and not at the same time.  Trimix produces an almost immediate response with very little inconsistency between uses.  It can produce an erection that may last 90 minutes before subsiding.  Any man who is looking to feel younger in the bedroom, this may be the solution for you!

What is Trimix?

Trimix is a penile injection used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  It is generally compounded from 3 components: alprostadil, papaverine and phentolamine, all FDA approved medications.  In some instances, various compounds may be added or substituted based on individual needs.  Trimix is often used as an alternative to PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.  It is beneficial for those who have poor results, experience side effects, or the use is contraindicated.

How does it work?

Trimix is injected into the erectile tissue where the medication works to relax smooth muscles and dilate blood vessels allowing greater blood flow resulting in an erection.  The injection is done 5-15 minutes prior to any sexual activity and effects can last 30-90 minutes depending on dose and preference.  

Trimix vs PDE5 inhibitors

Trimix injections remain localized to the area therefore avoiding potential side effects more commonly seen with PDE5’s like headaches, muscle aches, or flushing.  Trimix is not affected by food or alcohol consumption unlike any oral medication.  Trimix has been proven to be safe and effective originally coming into use in 1980’s.  

How do I get a prescription for Trimix?

Trimix is a highly customizable medication and requires an initial trial dose done in office to find the right dose for you.  This appointment should last about 60 minutes but may vary depending on response from the dose.  It is our goal to find a medication that provides you with the desired firmness and duration.  After the initial dosing the medication can be delivered to your home with all supplies needed.


For non-established patients there is a 30 minute consultation to discuss concerns with Dr. Carrozzella and develop a treatment plan.  This treatment plan may include options other than.  After the consultation an appointment for a trial dose will be made.