Viveve™ - Treatment for Vaginal Laxity

Viveve™, a women’s sexual health company, has introduced a treatment specifically meant to treat vaginal laxity in women: Viveve™. Vaginal laxity is a common issue for women due to childbirth or aging. There are many symptoms associated with vaginal laxity in women, including:

  • Stress urinary incontinence (dribbling after you cough, sneeze, laugh, or exercise)
  • Urge incontinence (strong or sudden need to urinate)
  • Looseness of the vaginal wall or lack of tightness
  • Vaginal dryness & lack of lubrication during sexual activity
  • Lack of sensation & sexual desire

Who is a Good Candidate for Viveve™?

Women who are experiencing vaginal laxity due to aging or childbirth can often benefit from this procedure. It is also beneficial for women experiencing leakage when jumping, sneezing, coughing or other everyday activities.

Contact us today and find out if  you are a good candidate for Viveve™.

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Viveve™ Recovery and Results

The Viveve™ method requires no downtime. It does not need incisions or sutures, so there is virtually no chance of complications or side effects following the treatment. Patients can resume normal activities after the session. However, our medical assistant will provide instructions on the waiting period before resuming sexual activity - usually 24 hours.

The result of this vaginal rejuvenation treatment is not immediate. However, as collagen supply increases, women will notice improvements in tightness in the vaginal walls, increase in vaginal sensation, and a boost in sexual satisfaction.

Typically, patients will enjoy the full benefits of Viveve™ in about three months; some patients have reported results in as little a week. Contact us today and learn more about this life changing procedure. Listen to real women who have been helped by Viveve™ in the videos below.