BHRT and Breast Cancer – prepared to be surprised!

Few topics garner such passionate attention as the topic of Breast Cancer in women.  In fact, the emotion surrounding Breast Cancer is so strong, that the entire month of October is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness every year.  Entire health fairs are devoted to increasing awareness and teaching early screening and detections.  The pink ribbons are ubiquitous.  Mammograms are nearly … Read More

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Does NOT Cause Cancer

Conventional wisdom and far too many doctors continue to believe that “hormone” therapy is dangerous, at best, and cancer causing, at worst. The reality is that bio-identical hormone therapy administered by a properly trained expert is safe and healthy. Many recent medical journal articles have shown remarkable risk reduction of a host of diseases of aging, such as heart disease, … Read More

What Is Andropause?

When it comes to aging, women receive most of the attention from media and cultural sources. We’re all familiar with menopause and the role that hormones play in women’s health. Because of this disparity, however, many men find themselves in the dark about andropause, which is also called the “male menopause”. This has led andropause to be under-diagnosed and under-treated. … Read More

Menopause and Hormonal Imbalance: The Ups and Downs of Aging

Menopause is one of the most difficult things for a woman to deal with. It functions as a complete shock to your system, with a variety of harmful side-effects that includes hot flashes, fatigue and more. What many people don’t realize is that menopause is actually a form of hormonal imbalance. Am I Beginning Menopause? There are many indicators that … Read More