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  • BHRT Success
  • BHRT Success
  • Stephen A.
  • Massey T.
  • First thing us women begin to think is what is wrong with us when our bodies cannot perform as we wish during intercourse. That is what made me begin my research and I came across Dr. Carrozzella with The Florida Center for Hormones and Wellness. Dr. Carrozzella sat with me one on one to discuss my concerns, which included inability to reach orgasm during intercourse, the time it took to reach orgasm with clitoral stimulation and decrease in natural lubrication. As a recently divorced 27-year-old, I wanted to do something for my myself that would make me happy and for my new partner as well. The procedure was done the same day as my consultation, since it was recommended by Dr. Carrozzella. The staff was extremely kind and knowledgeable which made me feel very comfortable. The procedure itself was not what I had anticipated at all. The numbing process was as much as I felt during the procedure. I felt no pain just a pressure sensation. The aftercare was easy, no bleeding occurred and I just continued my normal routine as instructed. As recommended by Dr. Carrozzella I put the O-Shot to the test right away. Not to sound too excited but from the first time to now the sex has only seemed to get better and better. I am now producing more than enough natural lubrication to allow my partner and I to go for a longer period of time without experiencing any pain. Longer time means more orgasms! Not only is there more but also more intense. My partner and I are enjoying our intimate time together even more after the O-Shot. I will return for a follow up if needed in the future. Many thanks again to Dr. Carrozzella and his staff!

    Monica Diaz
  • Wonderful doctor and staff. Found them on the internet and I am glad I did. So knowledgable and pleasant to deal with. I recommend to anyone looking for a great hormone doctor.

    Amanda Merritt
  • Expert physician with an excellent staff. Dr. Carrozzella takes his time with each visit to ensure patient satisfaction. You won’t be disappointed with him.

    Latosha L.
  • I’m so glad that I found Dr. Carrozella. I feel so good now! I refer all my female friends to him. I want them to feel as great as I feel. They are a very professional and caring office. I’m sure glad I never have to suffer again from hormonal imbalances. I feel like I’m in my 20’s again. Every woman should know about these treatment options.

    Indrid Irizarry
  • Dr. Carrozella changed my life almost immediately! I was miserable when I went in for my consultation. Now I am feeling great! He totally understands what I am going through and genuinely wants to help me. Love him!!

    Stacie Anderson
  • I began the HRT with the pellet insertion and supplements. Amazing results, less pain, my hair is beautiful and long, sex drive is crazy and I look great. I was having the beginnings of uncomfortable hot flashes, tired, weight gain. My friend suggest I look into the bio-identical and I am so happy that I chose this clinic. Dr. Carzozzella and all the staff are wonderful. I consider this treatment an investment in me. Love the results!

    Deborah Belbay
  • Dr Carrozzella is a genius! I have been his patient now for 2-3yrs and this man will never stop researching and learning more advancements in the medical field! He has truly helped me become as stable as I can be currently living the past 11 1/2yrs with chronic pain and continues to with every appointment. I have the faith that with him as my doctor, someday I may possibly be pain free again. He also has the expertise to help me deal with hormonal imbalances that a woman goes through with age. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a great, caring, UNDERSTANDING doctor!

    Kristie Stevens