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Jon Barr

Wellness Matters '20 -'21


Jon Barr brings over 20 years in the food industry to the table from fine dining to casual gourmet... Jon has trained restaurant staffs from the ground up and travelled all over the world experiencing and cooking global cuisine.

Simultaneously having a busy career as a professional actor/singer has actually aided him in focusing on clean eating and getting creative with cooking to achieve amazing flavors while still being nutritious while making food the star of the show.

Whether it’s removing dairy, gluten and processed sugars, or approaching a more plant based lifestyle — there are so many exciting ways Jon cooks things up in his own kitchen to not completely give up the foods he loves and is so passionate about sharing with others. You can follow him on Instagram @JonCooksHere for his foodie and travel adventures.

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Superfoodie - Home Cooking

January 21, 2020 - 6PM

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